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is there a way to execute a set of database updates in a single ACID transaction?

Question asked by SatyaKomatineni3761 on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Adam Arrowsmith
we are processing an EDI document that has a very LARGE set (200) of fields which need to become resident in LARGE number of tables (20) in an ACID transaction.

The mappings from EDI profile to the database profile with so many inputs and so many columns is a) getting unwieldy b) the browser is taking a long time everytime some thing changes in the map. Further more the tables are structured in such a way that unique counter numbers are used to be subsequently populated for referential integrity.

What options have you seen where you are updating a large set of tables in an ACID way?

One option is to pass the XML doucment as a string to a stored procedure and have the stored procedure use XPATH and procedural logic to update the tables.

Has anyone written a connector that can use a "simple flow language" (or like a DSL) that can execute a series of sql statements with XPATH arguments to be executed in a single transaction?

Or has anyone done this through a Groovy proxy to a generic Java class that knows how to execute a set of sql statements on the same connection point?

Appreciate your input