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Process Execution Reporting Best Practices

Question asked by MattKupstas6361 on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by mark.wesley.c.ancog613142
.  I am trying to do some reporting on Process Execution and I am not able to find the right level of detail.  What I want to see if how many times process X ran, how many were successful, how many failed, over a given time period.  The Dashboards are a little too high level and the Process Reporting tab only gives me an audit log of 50 at a time.  I looked at the API to see if maybe I could pull out the data that way but it’s also limited to 100 records per request and then you have to send the paging token so looks no different than the Procress Reporting tab UI.  Any chance you can point me in the right direction to get that data/report?