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NetSuite Mapping Problem

Question asked by dlarkin040873 on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by dlarkin040873

I'm new to Boomi so I'm sure there is something basic I'm missing.  However, I've poured over documentation, training videos and the Community and I haven't been able to solve this.


I'm trying to do a very simple data extract from NetSuite and write it to local disk as a CSV.  I can get data from NS and I can write data to the CSV.  But the data I write to the CSV are only default values.  The data is not mapping correctly (I assume).  But I get the same number of lines in my CSV as the number of records I pull from NS.  If it wasn't mapping correctly I would assume I would get nothing in my CSV.


I'm using the same profile the operation and the mapping.  Any thoughts, guidance or direction is welcomed.


(Yes, I know there is no disk write in the process shown below.  I took it out temporarily.  The data getting to Set Properties is still not what is expected (see last screen shot).