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MDM reference fields

Question asked by ChadWatson7251 on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by ChadWatson7251

Looking for some advice on the process for using a reference field within an MDM model.
I have a an employee model I have built in MDM.  It includes the Manager ID as a reference back to the employee model.

So it would look like this as it comes in.


Emp IDEmp Last Name
Emp First Name
Mgr ID


Then in the MDM it looks like this.

Emp Last Name
Emp First NameMgr MDM ID


I have updates passing back out on a channel to a SQL table. 

If I perform the initial load, the Mgr MDM ID doesn't get sent out the channel to SQL (b/c it doesn't know it yet as it may be referencing a record that is further down the initial record set). 


By the time the initial load is complete each record should have the Mgr MDM ID associated.  How do I tell the system to send the Mgr MDM ID back out the channel to SQL?


The only way I've been able to figure it out so far is to do the initial load without the Manager ID, Finalize the load, and then send them back in again with the Manager ID mapped.  That way the records see they have been updated and send out the update on the channel.


Is that the right way to do it or is there a better way that I'm missing?