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What am I doing that results in so many unused orphan objects?

Question asked by DarrellFlenniken9941 on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by ndorairaj

I'm just completing my first integration. It was not a trivial one (over 100 objects and 12 processes) , but one that was in existence and was implemented by other means, so it was well understood and real.  During the several weeks that I have worked on this beast,  I managed to create a whole lot of unused objects (maps, profiles, and map functions, etc). These objects have default names like map 2, map 3 or the names of  objects that are being  used with numeric suffixes.


How am I doing this? What am I doing that results in this debris?  


I just spend a lot of time laboriously going through and finding unused objects an deleting them. There  must be better way of both preventing and cleaning up the cruft.


Noob minds want to know, Oh Wizards of Boomi.