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Persisted process property failing

Question asked by jorge.hernandez600035 on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by JohnMoore8551

I have developed a process which has several subprocesses and a persisted process property.


Process property contains data related to the period launched. Process property is included like extension in the atom cloud.


At the end of the development process property is modified with the next month (only in case of a successful launch)


During development i have deployed several times with different features and sub processes.


I have checked that process properties used atom clouds in test mode instead of process property defined for test mode. In the same time i have checked that process properties changed in the extension has different values that process properties used in development. Also if you change the value in the main process when you launch process property has a different value. Finally i have also another problem process property dissapear in the last sub process and i don't know why.


I have copied the content in new sub processes or copied the sub process but i am unable to get a correct behaviour of the process property . Process property is not stable. I read twice for working with variable and at the end i advance the period to the next month.


Somebody has any idea how to solve my problem or is it another workaorund for has a property that change in the development and persist for the next launch, also should be changed manually in case of errors.