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Performance implications of XML to DB mapping (looping!)

Question asked by SatyaKomatineni3761 on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by santosh.gunasekaran854179

Say I have an XML document with multiple records in it



   <record>  some complex structure

    <record> some complex structure



I want to insert each record above into a series of tables through a DB shape.


Is this understanding correct?


1. Have an XML profile at the "<record>" level and map it to a DB profile

2. Such a profile then necessarily split the input document into multiple XML documents with a root element of <record>

3. If there are say 5,000 records, will that adversely impact performance? For example I won't be able to commit by record if the split happens

4. Or is there a way to "loop" through "<record>" elements using the same root level XML profile


Or shall I do this


1. abandon XML

2. Use a flat file that contains multiple records (adhereing to a profile at a record level)

3. Map such a flat file to DB (avoiding the split)

4. would I gain performance in the process as I can now also apply multi-row level commits? If there is a performance gain how significant is it?