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Issue with Atom memory

Question asked by dmorton on Apr 17, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by ruchika_yadav

Customer is seeing an issue with atom memory leak.  ATOM.EXE process was taking up 256MB of memory.  After their process runs a few time, memory is up to 766MB.  Eventually the processes stop running and they need to reboot the server.

There is 12GB of physical memory – but keep in mind they are only concerned with mem leak from ATOM.EXE service were we see up to 1GB of mem used after 2-3 days

The following services are running on this server


Microsoft SQL 2012

Evault Backup Software

Symantec Mgmt



VMware client

Please note that once the memory has filled up they see network errors across the board.  In the container log entries are  unexpected end of file errors.