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combine data

Question asked by deepak.shirguppi on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by deepak.shirguppi

I am using a sub-process to call a child process and in the child process at various steps have used return document end-points (more than one) to send the response back to the parent. All return document shapes return an XML document based on the same XML profile.  In the parent process I have a decision shape which checks for a value in the return XML document and then compiles an email response in a message shape.

The issue is more than one email is generated instead of combining all the data into one email. I have selected the combine documents into a single message check-box in the message shape and also tried the data process combine documents option but both options did not help. Based on my test mode run looks like there is only one document and multiple data sets. So how do I combine the data?