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Multiple Trading Partner - Share AS2 Connection -

Question asked by VinaEllefson7101 on Apr 21, 2016
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I have an AS2 connection to a VAN. I have setup a Process using different start shape and no luck. How should this be setup?


1) Start Shape Trading Partner with multiple TP in the Trading partner? - this gives me an error that the EDI ID does not match when one of the TP has the correct ID.

2) Start Shape Shared AS2 Connection then do a Route to the different Trading Partner - my issue doing this what to in the route when I selected the ISA sender it all fails as the AS2 Shared seems not to recognize the ISA

3) Created different Process with each Trading Partner with the start shape of Trading Partner with only Trading Partner - when i deployed all the individual Process with the same AS2 communication it picks the first Process and end up with an error not matching ID.


So my question, what should be the process flow for Trading Partners that with a VAN communication


Any help is truly appreciated as i have tried different ways and no luck