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SEVERE: [MULTIPLE_HEAD_NODES] Found different head node <Atom1 IP> in node.<Atom1 IP>.dat

Question asked by venkatakishorebabu.bellam on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by venkatakishorebabu.bellam

[DATE]8:50:35 PM com.boomi.container.cloudlet.cluster.ViewSnapshot$Problem updateType

SEVERE: [MULTIPLE_HEAD_NODES] Found different head node <ATOM1 IP> in node.<ATOM1 IP>.dat

[DATE]8:50:50 PM org.jgroups.protocols.TP sendToSingleMember

WARNING: JGRP000032: <ATOM2 IP>: no physical address for <Some ID>, dropping message



Under <Atom Installation>/bin/conf/  *.dat seeing






container.address=<IP Address>\:45358




view.head=<ATOM1 IP>[ATOM1 IP|0]

view.local=<Atom1 IP>

view.nodes.0=<Atom1 IP>




In boomi documentation there is no clear instructions how to set up communication between tow Nodes in a molecule.


If some one explain with example ip addresses and common port  checking and communication setup and container advanced properties need to use .



In What case we need to use uni cast setup... how it is difference from multi cast it cause


in .dat file atom's in molecule are getting random ports every time .... but for multicast in documentation  it say molecule use


When i tried to nslookup the IP it is referring not able to resolve .....why we need to use this IP and Port.



Boomi Documentation should  need step by step molecule setup guide to be in place by following that we are able to configure as a admin.