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Error Logging in Boomi -

Question asked by vimavuduru999057 on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Adam Arrowsmith

Q1) Since Boomi already provides Execution and Document logging features that allows retrieval and search of error logs along with associated documents resulting in the error, can there be any need to create a custom process to store these logs for future reference in a on Premise Boomi setup ?

Q2) Is there a limit to the 'number of days'/'size of data' that would be maintained in these logs beyond which the logs are automatically purged and not available?

Q3) If there is no such limit (meaning that the process and document logs are available in the Process Reporting tab), What would be the best way to create a process/web service for a  tier 1 support team user (non Boomi user) to retrieve this information (lets say based on some document property 'Customer Name'?

Q4) If a custom Error logging is advisable to retain the logs/documents for a longer duration, what is the Boomi recommended approach..

for example - send Error messages/ Logs to an Atom Queue and have an async process to fetch records and dump in a Database table which can be used to fetch and retrieve information in future.