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While accessing data from success factors system through CompoundEmployee API getting error

Question asked by 67143335 on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by vkomarina376761

Hi Team,


While accessing data from Success factors EC system using Compound Employee API I am getting below errors,

1. Retry count exceeded:SFAPI Domain Error!

2. [Retry] No need to retry operation SFAPIQueryRetryOperation [queryString=SELECT address_information,alternative_cost_distribution,compensation_information,deduction_non_recurring,deduction_recurring,email_information,employment_information,job_information,national_id_card,paycompensation_non_recurring,paycompensation_recurring,payment_information,person,person_relation,personal_documents_information,personal_information,phone_information FROM CompoundEmployee WHERE (last_modified_on > to_datetime('2015-10-14T11:48:24Z') AND person_id_external IN ('70000023','71000120','70004010','70004009') AND company_territory_code = 'CHE'), queryParameters=[SFParameter [name=maxRows, value=200], SFParameter [name=queryMode, value=delta]]] as not be retryable

3.Exception=[SFAPI Domain Error!] Error Code=[QUERY_FAILURE] Error Message=[QUERY_FAILURE: Query failure! Error: com/successfactors/wsapi_v1/domain/compemp/dataaccess/ExtendedHrisElementType : cannot initialize class because prior initialization attempt failed; java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError]


Till Friday it was working fine i was able to fetch data but since yesterday I am getting above errors. These errors i am only getting for EC TEST system. I am able to fetch data from EC STAGE and EC Prod system.


Can you please guide me to resolve this issue? For more error details please find attached files.



Sachin Salokhe