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Boomi May 2016 new feature

Question asked by roundviewjoseph on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by Adam Arrowsmith

I think everyone got this message from boomi. Is there any example to demo the new feature? cross reference table and a new profile format.

We have added the following improvements to the May 2016 release of Dell Boomi AtomSphere. For more information, please see the May Release Notesin the AtomSphere reference guide.

  • The end of runtime support for Java 6 coincides with this release.
  • A newer version of Java 8 with improved performance and security is bundled with container upgraders and installers, and deployed to all Dell Boomi Atom Clouds.
  • A “Tech Preview” of dynamic process routing is available.
  • Cross reference table lookup via data map extensions for integration packs, a critical partner requirement, is now supported.
  • Common flat file integration challenges are overcome with a pair of enhancements that leverage a new profile format.
  • Unattended Atom, Molecule, and Atom Cloud installation support and Docker installation support are improved.
  • Providing a better experience for new users is the focus of a set of Build page improvements.
  • A new panel for managing the Atom’s shared web server settings wraps up the redesign of Atom Management.
  • Field validation for MQTT connection and operation configuration simplifies integrations with Internet of Things endpoints.
  • Leverage the latest release of Intuit QuickBooks in your integrations.