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How to specify multiple parameters in the rest endpoint of an API?

Question asked by RohithKodakandla5291 on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by RohithKodakandla5291

Hello, is it possible to specify multiple path variables in the ReST endpoint when creating an API? I want to create an endpoint in this format –{prospectId}/{applIdList}.

Here prosepctId is a numeric value and appIdList is a comma separated alphanumeric (and hyphen) list of values.



I’ve created the API, and and in General tab, I’ve entered “service” as the “Base API Path” and “accproposals” as the first portion of the Resource Path. But I’m able to only specify {prospectId} in the second portion. If I type in the remaining part, I’m getting an error message saying that special characters are not allowed. How can I overcome this issue?