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Concurrent SFTP connections

Question asked by arunsribs on Apr 29, 2016



  We have a process which runs every one hour and places file in SFTP. Recently these critical jobs were failing with below error message ( Failed to connect to host: on port 22.  Exception message is: Auth fail; Caused by: Auth fail:). When we analyzed, the username and password seems to be fine. On depth analysis revealed that it is due to concurrent sessions. For Successfactors SFTP below is the max limit,


GLOBAL concurrent restriction that only 10 concurrent sessions + 5 oncurrent session from same IP can be use. I mean if 11th session & 6th session of same IP won't allowed by our SFTP server.


Could you please let me know if any step needs to be taken from Boomi process to close the sftp session? Because does Boomi leaves a session open? Please advice.