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Boomi calling PowerShell script - Permissions

Question asked by rob.banas on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by rob.banas

Once my process finishes, I need it to execute a certain Powershell script. I found that I can use system command shape to execute a windows batch file, which in turn, executes the Powershell script. The Powershell script renames a file, makes a copy of it in a certain location and then moves it to an archive folder. Boomi successfully calls the windows batch script, which successfully calls the Powershell script and the Powershell script can execute the rename operation as well as the copy operation, but does not execute the move command. There are no errors returned. It's as if the move command is skipped over. If I log into the server myself, I can execute the windows batch file manually and all three operations (rename, copy, move) complete successfully. So I think the script is correct.

Any ideas on what I should look into to see why the move command won't execute when it's Boomi executing the script? The local Boomi atom resides on server A and the scripts are on server B. I execute the script in the system command shape as: \\serverB\path\to\script\myscript.bat

Also, is it possible to assign the Boomi runtime its own windows service account under which it will run & execute my scripts?