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MS Dynamics CRM dates and timezones

Question asked by stephenp on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by James Ahlborn

We have been struggling with dates and time zones over the last few months with our boomi -> ms dynamics integrations.  My understanding is that all date interactions with dynamics must be saved as UTC.  Is it possible to convert date/time from GMT/BST to UTC using boomi?  As far as I am aware we cant just do a simple date/time format mask as we need to check if a date falls within the BST period.


Our problem: Date/Time values coming from our source systems are in GMT/BST.  When boomi processes run and pass the date/time to CRM, CRM saves the value as UTC.  When the value is views in the front end CRM then converts the date/time to GMT/BST and date/times are displayed incorrectly.