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LDAP update user: no attribute or value

Question asked by benoitdelvaux on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari



I've a process that writes some data to the Active Directory (LDAP).

My data source for the update is a boomi flat file containing a few fields.

If a field is empty in the flat file, the corresponding LDAP attribute is NOT instantiated which means that it won't be updated.


What I want instead is that when a field is empty, the attribute is instantiated so LDAP intreprets it as "remove that attribute from the user".


To achieve that I simply set the "Min Occurs" setting to 1 on the corresponding attribute on the LDAP Update User Profile.


BUT if I do that, I come across cases where:

  • The user in AD does not have a specific attribute
  • The corresponding field in the flat file is empty

Then the LDAP connector will send a request to remove an attribute that does not exist.

And therefore I get the following error when the ipPhone attribute is empty in flat file and not existing in AD:

Test execution of SF Persons to AD completed with errors. Embedded message: [updateUser_Error] [LDAP: error code 16 - 00002076: AtrErr: DSID-030F15C8, #1: 0: 00002076: DSID-030F15C8, problem 1001 (NO_ATTRIBUTE_OR_VAL), data 0, Att 902d1 (ipPhone) �]


Is there a way to prevent such behavior?  Or how could I implement the LDAP update to avoid this error?

Being able to dynamically change the "Min Occurs" on the XML attribute would help a lot, is this possible with boomi? If yes, how?


Thank you in advance,