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Are there any settings available related to web server regarding file size or time?

Question asked by sakthiraj_r185516 on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by sakthiraj_r185516

Are there any setting related to web server regarding file size or time?.I am getting below error when I try to invoke below simple web service with input file size > 780 KB and wait time of 30 secs at server.


Error in HTTP Client :  Caused by: Unexpected end of file from server


Web Service Process:





Input File Size
Server Wait TimeSuccess\/Failure
File size > 780 KB30 secsFailure
File size > 780 KB10 SecsSuccess
File size < 500 KB30 Secs


File size < 500 KB10 SecsSuccess



I need to figure this issue to complete one of our integraitons.Basically client passed large size data where sever takes around 2 to 3 mins to complete.But we are getting above mentioned error.


Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.