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Does Boomi Support Parallel Development - Export/Import of Meta data

Question asked by mnreddy149271 on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by mnreddy149271

We have a requirement to perform parallel development for certain integration. For example we have Sprint 1 which requires Developer 1 to make changes on Process A at the same time we want Developer 2 to work on some changes on Process A for Sprint 2 in advance. We can only deploy Sprint 1 changes to Production first then Sprint 2 changes.


Is there a a way in Boomi we can copy Process A to different folder and make Sprint 2 changes in the new folder then merge these Sprint 2 changes to original folder. I have worked on other ETL tools (such as Informatica) which allows us to export process as XML file from other folder and merge the changes into original folder. I am looking for any similar approach in Boomi so that we multiple developers can work on same integration.