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Method to find field changes from Workday

Question asked by KeithWeaver6631 on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by anton_damiani

I have a requirement to Get changes to fields on the Worker Object in Workday and populate them in a CSV that will list the worker id, field that changed, value, effective date and then send the CSV to a FTP site.


I am struggling with the best way to extract this information from Workday.

  • I have thought about getting workers and including transaction data for a specific period of time but I don't think that I can get the field that was changed from this information.
  • I have thought about pulling the full set of worker data from the last successful run date and from the current date and comparing the two but I am not sure how to compare them in a way that I could include just the changes
  • I have thought about using a RaaS but this would require another connection and the data would not be formatted in the correct format and I am not sure if I could transform it.

I would love for some feedback.