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Unable to send JMS message; Caused by: JMSWMQ0018

Question asked by venkatakishorebabu.bellam on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari



Many Of our Processes use Webshpere MQ For JMS.

We have a limit of 250 for our JMS Channel.


As the JMS Connections are not getting closed which are opened by a boomi process. We are running out of connections and JMS Messages are failing saying


Unable to send JMS message; Caused by: JMSWMQ0018: Failed to connect to queue manager '<Queue Manager Name>' with connection mode 'Client' and host name '<MQ Hostname><(port)>'.; Caused by: JMSCMQ0001: WebSphere MQ call failed with compcode '2' ('MQCC_FAILED') reason '2059' ('MQRC_Q_MGR_NOT_AVAILABLE').; Caused by: CC=2;RC=2059;AMQ9204: Connection to host '<MQ Hostname><(port)>' rejected. [[CC=2;RC=2059;AMQ9503: Channel negotiation failed. [3=<MQ Channel Name]>],3=<MQ Hostname><(port)>,5=RemoteConnection.analyseErrorSegment]; Caused by: CC=2;RC=2059;AMQ9503: Channel negotiation failed. [3=<MQ Channel Name>]


When we checked with MQ Admin, MQ Admin is able to see all connections are active but not reciving any messages on active connections.  On Boomi End the process is getting failed with above Error Message



Q.1) How to check ,how many connections are Opened by boomi process to MQ Server

Q.2) Does Boomi has a connection pooling like opening one active connection per process and send messages only on one active connection till the completion of process

Q.3) How can we conform is boomi closing the connection after sending the message/document.

Q.4) Any connection close or (timeout) mechanism which opened by boomi if it doesn't sending any message for a some point of time 


The same rules apply to Database also. We are facing similar issue with DB Connections also.