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Remove commas from qualified text fields using regex

Question asked by 23217526 on Jun 16, 2016
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I'm trying to use a "Search/Replace" Data Process step to remove the commas inside qualified text fields such as "M,ATT"


I used a regex ("[^",]+),([^"]*") to find the field, and if I use replace with \1\2 in Notepad++ it works and the result is "MATT", but when I do the same thing in a process, it deletes the complete string, so a before and after would look like:


"SID0590092","M,ATTT","","S00008872181","D00010722270","00751","67424841","4","0000","AVAILABLE","67424841","", 0.00,"","00751","M,ATTT","00000","A1603908",990,990,"",23,


"SID0590092",,"","S00008872181","D00010722270","00751","67424841","4","0000","AVAILABLE","67424841","", 0.00,"","00751",,"00000","A1603908",990,990,"",23,


But I want it to do this:


"SID0590092","MATTT","","S00008872181","D00010722270","00751","67424841","4","0000","AVAILABLE","67424841","", 0.00,"","00751","MATTT","00000","A1603908",990,990,"",23,


Is there a different way to do this?


Thanks in advance,

Ricardo Diaz.