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Database connector runs successfully but does not insert data into database

Question asked by michael.jaramillo430038 on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by jamesbw


I am currently new to Boomi and am still learning a lot but the issue I am having is that after I have converted a CSV file to a database format and perform an insert operation to the database using a connector, the process runs successfully. It says that the data was inserted into the database but when I check the database, nothing is there. I know the connection to the database runs properly as I've been able to read information from the database and convert it into a CSV file with no issues but for some reason I can't do the reverse. I'm using MySQL as a database and I do have the JDBC Driver installed so there are no issues there either.


This is what the process looks like, I've even added a message shape to check to make sure the data being processed was still there and it wasn't an empty character that was being passed.