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Generic Json array Mapping

Question asked by david.konatschnig on Jun 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by david.konatschnig


I have a quite troublesome case i'm not able to solve.


I get some data from Successfactors in the following format:










This i need to map to a generic array in my JSON Destionation Profile, when the value is TRUE:




          "Name": "L_3",

          "Value": "some static value"



          "Name": "L_4",

          "Value": "some static value"




What i tried to do is define a repeating array in my destination profile with qualifiers.

then i do some scripting to determine wether the value is true, and if yes, i set some fields in the array.

the problem with this soultion is that i always get an array element, even if the value is false, which i don't want.


Is there a nice solution to solve this? Especially, is there kind of a generic way? beaucse i have about 40 L_* Fields, which all need to be added as qualifier and mapped individually..



thanks a lot