ServiceNow Connector not supporting Extension.

Discussion created by sandeep.rodrigues645640 on Jun 24, 2016

I Created Dell boomi  process using ServiceNow Connector.

This process retrieve the specific user from ServiceNow  and  used Extension for  Setup  ServiceNow Connection like URL,User and Password information.

When I run the process in Test mode with Test Extension ServiceNow connector throwing Unauthorized User Error.


Note: if I import the operation in browser page with new connection then only Connector will taking new credential .



ServiceNow connector caching the browser operation Connection and for all operation ServiceNow Connector check these credential rather than from ServiceNow Connection.

the browser operation Connection only one time and this is required to retrieving the objects,input and output profile.

So we need to invoke  always from ServiceNow Connection using getConnection().getCongigValues() method.