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Configuring a REST API path

Question asked by simon.wallis287933 on Jun 27, 2016
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When defining an API, is it mandatory to have a static value in both the Base API Path *and* the resource path ?  From trying out various scenarios it seems to be, but I was just trying to validate that it is definitely the case.  For example, we have an API with base path of 'ticket' and were looking to implement a 'GET' function with a URL of  https://....../ws/rest/ticket/{ticketID} but this doesn't seem possible - we would need some other static value in the URL to satisfy the requirement for values in both the Base API path and the Resource Path of the API component.


I just wanted to double check because in the documentation there are examples that imply this short kind of URL is possible - e.g. Adding a RESTendpoint to an API component has an example of http://machine.domain.tld:9090/ws/rest/Customer/{customerId}


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