A good article: Java 8 Garbage Collectors

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At FloridaBlue we are trying to optimize a SOAP process that has a database call and an MQ put. When it is loaded to handle 6000 requests in an hour, we are seeing spurts where requests are taking 4 to 11 minutes when the average is only a second or so. (The box has 4 CPUs and 8G of memory)


We turned on the concurrent GC and we have seen substantially better results.


So understanding GC might be helpful


What else we did


1. we forgot to check the low latency prior to the run. Now we fixed that

2. we also had an unused flow control which we took out as well

3. Of course the GC is set to concurrent GC


Initially runs are much faster and average response is 10th of a second and maximum is about 30 seconds or so for a few requests.


Once I know the final results I will post them here.