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What is the correct syntax for executing a program command for an SQL stored procedure that passes profile elements as parameters in the call

Question asked by mike.westbrook047996 on Jul 6, 2016
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Here is the syntax I am currently using in the procedure name window:

up_SNAP_PlanogramRegistration @Start_Date  = {1}, @End_Date = {2}, @PlanogramYear = {3},@PlanogramCycle = {4},@Platform_ID = {5},@PlatformName ={6},@ESP = {7},@User = {8}


This is the error message that I am receiving:


Test execution of FLM Planogram completed with errors. Embedded message: Unable to execute stored procedure: Unrecognized SQL escape '' at line position 52.; Caused by: Unrecognized SQL escape '' at line position 52.


I have tried using the command by replacing the variables with literals (i.e. @Start_Date = '2016-07-06') for all of the passed arguments and it successfully ran.