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Split JSON File on multiple Fields

Question asked by blake.lassiter285843 on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Pavan_Sirasanambedu

When the output of an operation produces a JSON file that has multiple arrays of objects, can they be split on each object in each array? If a split is not appropriate, what would be the correct way to do this? I just want to capture the values from the JSON file in a flat file, preferably. Also, I would like to only output certain fields, which I believe, would require a mapping. I have no need for the types for the array or object to be saved, just the type and value of the fields.


For example, given one document:


"signers": [


      "tabs": {

        "signHereTabs": [


            "name": "Sign Here",

            "value": "1.0",

            "font": "calibri"



        "dateSignedTabs": [


            "name": "Date Signed",

            "value": "2016-07-13T15:18:21.0000000Z",

            "font": "Calibri"



"textTabs": [


            "name": "Street Address",

            "value": "123 mockingbird lane",

            "font": "Calibri"



            "name": "City",

            "value": "city",

            "font": "Calibri"





can I produce 4 separate files: (note font is not included)


name: "Sign Here"

value: "1.0"


name: "Date Signed"

value: "2016-07-13T15:18:21.0000000Z"


name: "Street Address"

value: "123 mockingbird lane"


name: "City"

value: "city"