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How can i create a maps with multiple sources?

Question asked by andrea.colussi899798 on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by andrea.colussi899798

Hi Gurus,


I'm totally new of Boomi. My actual need is to retrive different information from different xml file and create a single flat file (csv) as output.


Here there is my actual process:

Actual Process.JPG


I retrived data from the first branch and the second one, adding those record to a different documents caches. In the third branch I use the map CACHE to collect data from the documents cache.

Now, I get the following two situation:


  1. if i don't add the connector before the map CACHE, I get the following error:
    error without connector.JPG
  2. If I use the connector, in the final flat file I found only the data from Document Cache linked to that specific connection. I try to explain better: if in my first branch I connect to PerPersonal table and add the fields ID and FIRST_NAME in the Document Cache PerPersonal and in the second branch I connect to PerAddress to add ID and COUNTRY in the Document Cache PerAddress, in the last branch (the third) the connector is linked to PerPersonal table, in the final flat file I will find ONLY the ID and FIRST_NAME but not the COUNTRY also if I added that information in the map (picture below).




     the result is:




     as you can see, the country is missing.


Could you please help on this?







Thanks for the replay Sebastian. I tried your suggestions but the problem is that Boomi executes the first branch until the end and then the second branch. In this way is not possible to combine the files. Am I wrong?


What i'm missing?