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Try/Catch Behavior

Question asked by RanjiniElamkulammana2391 on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari

Hi All,


I have a try/catch shape in a process. Which accepts 16 docs.


If the try/catch is set to default document errors if one document fails


1) will all the 60 docuents be sent to the error path

2) Will WARNING considered as error path?


2016-07-09T00:38:58Z INFO cleanup... Process execution completed normally.

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z INFO   Process Call      passing in start data, no return data         Shape executed successfully in 38 ms.

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z WARNING cleanup... ContractIDAssignment (Continuation f_0_0_0) encountered 16 document error(s)

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z INFO cleanup... Process execution completed normally.

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z WARNING      Web Service Call Try/Catch Shape sending 16 document(s) down error path

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z INFO   Web Service Call Shape executed successfully in 206 ms.

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z INFO   Document Properties Executing Set Properties Shape with 16 document(s).

2016-07-09T00:38:58Z INFO   Document Properties Shape executed successfully in 16 ms.



Second set of logs


2016-07-09T06:21:27ZINFOProcess OneExecuting Flow Control Shape with 70 document(s).
2016-07-09T06:21:27ZINFOProcess OneShape executed successfully in 23 ms.
2016-07-09T06:21:27ZINFOCacheLookup-ProcessOneExecuting Set Properties Shape with 1 document(s).
2016-07-09T06:21:27ZSEVERECacheLookup-ProcessOneUnexpected error executing process: java.lang.InternalError: a fault occurred in a recent unsafe memory access operation in compiled Java code
2016-07-09T06:21:28ZINFOcleanup...Errors occurred in process.
2016-07-09T06:21:28ZWARNINGTry/CatchTry/Catch Shape sending 70 document(s) down error path
2016-07-09T06:21:28ZINFOTry/CatchShape executed successfully in 93 ms.
2016-07-09T06:21:28ZINFODocument PropertiesExecuting Set Properties Shape with 70 document(s).