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Allow Distinct Records Into FlatFile

Question asked by naveenaboppana558916 on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by jayachandran.oduvil659422


I'm trying to populate data from Net suite(Item Object) to Flat File.Some of the fields in Netsuite has Multiple Values,as a result when i Query i'm getting duplicate records.



    This is for one Item Record.

845801080p High Definition Dolby TrueHD
845801080p High Definition Japanese Stereo
845801080p High Definition Dolby TrueHD
845801080p High Definition NewYork
845801080p High Definition India
84580Standard DefinitionDolby TrueHD
84580Standard DefinitionJapanese Stereo
84580Standard DefinitionDolby TrueHD
84580Standard DefinitionNewYork
84580Standard DefinitionIndia



Expected Output:



845801080p High Definition ,Standard DefinitionDolby TrueHD ,Japanese Stereo,Dolby TrueHD,NewYork,India



For Item (84580),

'Special_V ' Filed has only 2 distinct Values,which are supposed to be Concatenated and  populated as above (Expected Output).

'SPECIAL_A' Field had 5 distinct values,which are supposed to be concatenated and populate as above (Expected Output).


My self ,New to Boomi.

Can someone share your Ideas in Detail please? 

Thanks in Advance.