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How do I escape asterisk characters?

Question asked by david.mahancs on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Jyothi_Kunchala

I have a json string that I am URL encoding before a web service callout from Boomi.  I am doing this in a custom javascript scripting step within a map:  output = encodeURIComponent( input );


Due to user input in the source system, some text fields in this json may contain asterisk characters (*).  This character seems to break / truncate the json.  (note: encodeURIComponent() does not encode some characters, including asterisks).


So I am attempting to use a String Replace step to first catch this * character, but nothing seems to work.  I think because * also acts as a wild card in some cases.  So I've tried * \* [\*] and so forth.  Still no dice.  Any ideas?  I can't be the first one to deal with this.