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Connector Call with Parameter from Cross Ref table

Question asked by sslneve on Aug 5, 2016
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I would like to setup a connector call (SuccessFactors Query) to retrieve a number of employees that belong to certain company numbers. I put those numbers into a Cross reference table and setup the operation with a filter company number equal to which then should be fed by the values in the cross ref table. Yet, this does not work - it just gets me the employees of the first company number on the list. So, I guess I am trying to use the cross ref table in a way that it is not designed to be working. Or is there a way to get this scenario working with a cross ref?


Well, I could retrieve all employees and in the following use a decision shape to get the right ones on the right path.

And - that's what I currently do - I retrieve the company numbers list from an SFTP and trigger the connector call with each of these company number documents. Works, but I am nevertheless interested in the cross ref scenario.