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Boomi container log error "The requested resource is in use"

Question asked by adityapratap on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by adityapratap

Boomi molecule uses an external servers for file share. File servers are within a windows cluster. Atoms access the cluster name rather the file servers directly. Servers are WIndows 20012 R2.

After few months on uninterrupted activity suddenly one morning processes failed with the following error


03-Aug-2016 09:28:01 o'clock BST FINE    [com.boomi.util.retry.Retryable call] BatchStoreMessageTask failed, will retry after backoff \\twcsfs03\BoomiLogs$\AtomSphere\message\event\10_90_1_63\2789_175b0ac8-ae29-4f83-9682-56cab62b694d.msg_3190507181272486437.tmp (The requested resource is in use)


Has this been observed by anyone ? Any root cause ? and resolution please