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DUPLICATE_EXTERNAL_ID error while Upserting to SFDC.

Question asked by shaibayan.chakrabarti181935 on Aug 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by venkateswarat

Hi All,


We are trying to Upsert data from ECC to SAP PI to Boomi to Salesforce.

Nowhere in the source we are seeing Duplicate data.


However few data are not getting into Salesforce and give us the below error.



OBJ: Product2 - Case SKU Number (US): more than one record found for external id field: [01tj00000033KNPAA2, 01tj0000002xwceAAA]

FIELDS: Field_Source__C


The field Field1 is a target field and is mapped 1-1 to a source field.


What is the root cause of this error? What is the DUPLICATE_EXTERNAL_ID and how do we fix them? Most importantly does this needs to be fixed in ECC or Boomi or Salesforce.