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MySQL database connection error

Question asked by on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari

MySQL database connection error


mysql connection


Database URL: jdbc:mysql://

Driver Type:  MySQL

User: qorbit_store

Password: ********


Database Name: qorbit_store

Additional Options: [blank]

Class Name: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver


I've checked many times that all information is correct.

Also I downloaded the appropiate jar files in lib folder.

But somehow still cannot connect to the MySQL database.



I'm getting this error message

Unable to browse: Unable to browse connection.; Caused by: Unable to open database connection. Access denied for user 'qorbit_store'@'' (using password: YES); Caused by: Access denied for user 'qorbit_store'@'' (using password: YES)


What seems to be the problem.