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IntAcct Bills

Question asked by dpedersen715589 on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by dpedersen715589

I am developing an integration that will push invoice data from my system into IntAcct.  I have invoice information and a couple line items for each invoice.  But when I got into Boomi to map it from my system to IntAcct, I am not finding an object that has the invoice data with line items.  


The 'apbill' object has most of the invoice data but doesn't have the line items array.

The 'apbillitem' object has everything i need but the 'LineItem' element is not an array to map my information to.


After looking at the Developer Site for IntAcct, they have the 'AP Bill' object that shows adding multiple line items to a 'billitems' element.


My question to the community is how to add all my information to an object that I can push into IntAcct.


Thanks for your help in advance.