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Netsuite custom records: InternalId works but name is not resolved

Question asked by Sjaak Overgaauw on Aug 24, 2016
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I'm working on an interface between a MySQL database and Netsuite to update Fulfillments and custom records regarding packages. The core integration works fine, but I'm having an issue with updating the shipping method in a custom record.


Btw: I do have a workaround but I would like to know what the structural solution is.



  • Upsert of custom record without shipping method: works
  • Upsert of custom record with shipping method by using internalId: works
  • Upsert of custom record with shipping method by using name: error, see message below


INVALID_KEY_OR_REF Type: ERROR Message: Invalid CUSTRECORD_PACKAGE_SHIPPER reference key null. ] Unknown failure




  1. First, I would like to know why Netsuite does not resolve the name to an ID
  2. Possible work arounds
    • query all the shipment methods, store them in a cache and use the cache in the mapping to lookup the InternalId. I'm trying to find the object name to query the shipping methods in Netsuite? I don't know if this is a custom list but you can access them from via the menu <Lists><Accounting><Shipping Items>
    • temporary workaround: create a cross reference table in Boomi and use that in the mapping