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Trying to Capture Response Error Message in Exception Component

Question asked by kym.le454729 on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by bevans988583

Hi, I have something strange going on that I hope someone can point me in the right direction and clear up the mystery I've been struggling with for a few days.


I have a very simple process where my start shape is a simple sftp connector.  I then have a try/catch and my try branch has a very simple mapping of a csv file to a custom object in Salesforce.  I then have a Salesforce connector where I've configured to return application errors.  My next component is a decision step where I inspect the response profile and throw an exception if the response has an error.  The exception step message is configured to display the response error message.  Lastly, in the catch route; I have a message step where I configured the message to display the try/catch message and then email me.  (** I configured it this way because if there was an issue with the upsert, I want to be able to capture the error message and bubble it up to better trouble shoot any data issues)


When I run this, I get some data successfully populated into my Salesforce custom object, HOWEVER, I also know I'm missing some data (based on doing counts of records).  When I check the email that is sent to me, I get a repeated 

"OBJ: <Salesforce Custom Object> - "  


Boomi support suggested for me to change my Salesforce connector (that performs the upsert) to NOT return application errors.  When I did this, ALL my records were successfully loaded (no errors were thrown).  **this is confusing to me because I don't understand why response profile that I had configured pretty much was saying there were errors.


To add to my insanity, I went back and changed the Salesforce connector to return application errors.  The decision step that inspects the response profile will email me the error, if any (instead of throwing an exception).  When I configured the process this way, I got NO ERORRS.  


Can someone PLEASE explain what's going on here???


Also, I'm very open to a better pattern.  Basically, I need to mass load these records nightly from a csv file.  HOWEVER, if there's an error on any one record, I need to be able to know which record threw the error (that's why I was trying to email or throw an exception after the response profile).