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Map shape missing elements in output document

Question asked by on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by 51662476

I have a database connector which is followed by a Map shape. The database connector operation performs a SQL statement that returns two rows in its output like this:


DBSTART|41d5ef78-c1bf-460c-be3b-cb0ffa753f60|2|@|BEGIN|2|@|OUT_START|3|@|0004302|^|USD|^|1.0|^|20110213 000000.000|^|0013000000D4sMJ|^|106|^|3030|^|0|^|0|^||#
|0004302|^|USD|^|1.0|^|20110213 000000.000|^|0013000000D4sMJ|^|106|^|3030|^|0|^|0|^||#||#|OUT_END|3|@|END|2|@|DBEND|41d5ef78-c1bf-460c-be3b-cb0ffa753f60|2|@|


This document is passed into a Map shape, whose output is a NetSuite XML document, but it contains only one data element instead of two:

<ns1:Invoice xmlns:ns1="" externalId="0004302">
<ns1:entity externalId="0013000000D4sMJ" />
<ns1:item internalId="582" />


It appears the Map shape is only processing one row from the SQL query output. Is that the expected behavior? How should the Map be configured such that it has more than one data element in its output?