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Two questions for Message shape: carriage return and current data

Question asked by cbeaudette606890 on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by cbeaudette606890

I have a Try/Catch block and I'm using a Message shape to format the message to email to administrators and I have a couple of questions.  


1)  My message is formatted as follows, similar to the message in this documentation:

Posted Data

Try/Catch Message


But my message ends up with no carriage returns, like this:

------------------------------------Posted Data------------------------------------{ "billNum": 628508}
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Try/Catch Message------------------------------------Unable to create JSON files from data, the document may not be well-formed json; Caused by: Unrecognized token 'No': was expecting 'null', 'true', 'false' or NaN at [Source:; line: 1, column: 4]


What do I need to put in my Message shape to get carriage returns?  I tried '\n' but it used it as a literal.


2)  Note that I'm only substituting one variable in the message, the Posted Data (which is the value of a Dynamic Process Property, { "billNum": 628508 }), but the message is also being populated with the value of the 'Document Property - Base - Try/Catch Message', even though I haven't explicitly put it in my message shape.  Where is it picking that up?  Does it automatically embed Current Data into a message shape?


My Process looks as follows:



My Message shape: