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Authentication Type in Boomi Shared Web server

Question asked by shyam.mohan.upadhyay560527 on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by andrew.constantine309036

Hi Experts,


We got one requirement as below :


We have 2 different types of processes 1. B2B and 2. B2C

For B2B processes the Authentication type should be Basic and for B2C processes the Authentication type should be None , can we achieve that with one Atom?


When we tried the option of adding another port, the Authentication type drop down is grayed out ( and it is mentioned as - The ports' authentication type is the same as the accounts authentication type. The authentication type can be changed only for the account, not for individual ports in the account.) and cannot be changed. Is it possible to enable it so that we can have 2 different ports one for B2B and another for B2C with different Authentication types.



If not possible, please provide the alternatives on how we can achieve that.