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Why does a SIMPLE try/catch (sometime) take SOOOO LONG!

Question asked by venkatakishorebabu.bellam on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Pavan_Sirasanambedu

See the following try/catch:


2016-09-08T01:41:09Z INFO Try/Catch Shape executed successfully in 329727 ms.
2016-09-08T01:41:09Z INFO ProgramCmd Executing Program Command Shape with 3 document(s).
2016-09-08T01:41:09Z INFO ProgramCmd Shape executed successfully in 129 ms.
2016-09-08T01:43:57Z INFO cleanup... Process execution completed normally.



Only shape after try/catch is ProgramCmd.


If the ProgramCmd took 129ms and succeeded, why did the try/catch took 329 seconds?


what goes on in try/catch?


1. does it start a thread?

2. what else happens so I can logically look on the unix side what might cause that delay