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successfactors - get historical information

Question asked by vasu.cheemakurthi974072 on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Pavan_Sirasanambedu

Hi All,


Can some body help me in getting the historical information from successfactors? 

We are maintaining Event Codes and Event Reasons for various data changes of the employee, And the current record will be having the data against latest event

An example : We have employee information and if i query the data of a particular emp - If he is on leave now at current event, Start date here means "Leave start date"

When he returned back to work, we have a new event created  and we will be having dates against the new event,

now the start date here is the "Return to work"

Now using boomi, How can we go back to previous event and get the Old leave dates? And its not one event before, We might be having multiple events in between?