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SAP Webservice response with no data

Question asked by jlunad on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by jlunad

Hello all,

I am very newbie with Boomi and hoe you can help me with my problem.

I have a Webservice Z in SAP that gives to me some information about an employee . I have probed calling it from SOAPUI with good results :


But when I use the WS in Boomi, I have not the content of item structure like I have in SOAPUI.


My XML response structure is like that in Boomi


I have included a data process shape behind the webservice call with XML profile but the item Payslip is empty.

I think I need some shape to get the data inside the Payslip item, maybe some script code .


Do you know what is the reason the item is empty?


Than you very much.


Best regards.