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call several operations and merge resulted xml profiles

Question asked by akhajooei272797 on Sep 16, 2016
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I am kind of stuck on how to do a certain task in Boomi and i did not find it in the community so I would really appreciate your help on this.


I am using the ultipro connector, I want to use three bulit in query operations from this connection. each of these queries has their own xml output profile.


as an example, the first one has <username> and <job_title> tag, the second one has <username> and <salary> tag and the third one has <username>, <manager> and <firstname> tags.


What I want to do is to merge these all in one xml document and profile which has all these tags together. that is <username>, <job_title>, <salary>, <manager> and <firstname> based on the <username> tag.


first, how can I call several operations from the start shape and second, how do I merge the results in 1 profile?


Many thanks in advance!