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Execute process on local Atom startup

Question asked by rob.banas on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by rob.banas

Is it possible to execute a process on a local Atom upon that Atom's startup?


The scenario is:

On-prem system interacts with my local Atom using web services. If my local Atom goes down / becomes unavailable, the other system persists the data it's trying to send to my Atom, in an alternate location. As soon as the local Atom becomes available again, the Atom should look at the alternate location and processes any data found.


A couple of notes:

Using a messaging product is not an option in my environment.

A disk/database connector running every 1 minute is possible, but forces me to have it running 24x7, when it may only need to run on occasion, say once a month.

I could have this process be triggered manually, but now am dependent on a human to remember to execute the process.